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LD1325 T cnc cutting router machine

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Product Description

LD 1325 T adopts cast machine and the beam column are used whole cast parts. It has the advantage of high rigidity and stability, high precision rectangular straight guide and ball screw which has early-warning function and high precision. And the engraving machine adopts the ISOG-code and special software, it is easy to operate. This machine is mainly used for high-frequency mode, ejection mode and small-size punching dies.

Wood processing: processing of various furniture such as door, window, cabinet, craft, wood door, wood screen and so on.   

Advertisement: engraving and cutting MDF,acrylic,PVC,various labels , LED Works and nameplate. 

Art craft: engraving characters of any languages and graphics on gifts and souvenirs. 

Wood, aluminium board, plastic,  density board, wave board, PVC, acrylic,  light marble , aluminum , cooper

Strong T type 1325 wood cnc router machine shows:


CNC PVC CUT (1).jpg

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